2 and a half weeks

this cold is a jail and tasks are longer than the time left to accomplish them

freedom escape purpose
things ordinarily unbound by a clock’s hand
funnelled into an approaching date where they’re loaded onto a plane and proverbially blast off into the unknown but the unknown is always there so what do we really know yet?

not the prospect of defeat, but limbo
is the most trying time
testing me for patience and financial mitigation
remaining days can so easily swallow before doing what I do best

I like to leave but not many people are willing to leave with me
on their own adventures
which might be more adventurous than you think, for certain
in that word contains all the experiences you will ever have
love and loneliness, fear and accomplishment, failure and the sense that there is a world beyond the grasp of the west tirelessly working away to take buy and take again but never truly understanding what it means to give and be



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